Remember Those Funfairs

Commonly, going to a funfair as an adult means either having kids or not having lost the inner child.
It seems to be a place full of old memories and lost dreams.

While the excitement in the childrenā€˜s eyes is still present today, seeing a funfair
from an adult perspective might change a lot. Some may be disappointed; some may
remember their own childhood. And some may even find a new way to look at those funfairs.

There seems to be a special attraction related to these places, a specific flair full of kitsch and lovingly
tended details. Lurid colours, cuddly toys and rather not-in-vogue airbrushed pictures proudly
and colourfully presented on every ride; it is a micro cosmos with its own rules and style,
its own peculiar time system.

Re-entering this world offers an insight in a cosmos full of kitsch, loving details, a unique lifestyle
combined with the awareness of might having lost this innocent optimistic view for good.

Remember Those Funfairs is an homage to a childhood dream with the melancholic view of an adult
who might have lost his innocent view but keeps the inner child alive.